Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ancient Healing using Inclined Therapy

We appear to have forgotten many ancient treatments and much ancient logic over time, often replacing it with wholly inadequate but more profitable drugs and surgery. In the Late Tudor Period, people slept sitting up due to so many people laying down and not waking again in the morning following the sweating sickness that ravaged Europe killing many millions of people, including some nobility and even a King.

They had no Tamiflu or vaccine to fight the illness, all they had in fact was the power of observation and quickly learned that those that did not lay down somehow managed to survive this lethal unidentified disease. Two guards were placed at a sick persons bed side, presumably to prevent the person from laying flat and sleeping. The guarded person often survived, while the uninformed person lay down and died.

As mentioned before on this thread, the Ancient Egyptians also practiced avoiding sleeping flat, even designing beds to prevent this. We do not know and perhaps never will why they made the beds this way in the first place, but we do know that sleeping on a five degree head up incline was widely practiced from the very powerful right down to the labourers who built the pyramids.

So it is not surprising that the Ancient Chinese, perhaps the most advanced of all the civilisations realised that many conditions were in fact circulation problems.

Multiple sclerosis is now thought to be a problem with circulation by a few who have gone against the unfounded logic that the immune system suddenly decides to attack the nervous system. The idea that blood reflux from the cerebrospinal vein is now thought to be the primary cause of the damage, first introduced by Doctor Franz Schelling, and now proven to be the case by Professor Zamboni and Colleagues who have identified swollen and twisted veins in 100% of patients with ms tested, where controls without ms had no such varicose veins next to the spinal column.

If you do decide to test drive Inclined Therapy, please take photographs of affected areas of your skin and nails so that comparisons can be made during and after 4 months.

If I can help, please do not hesitate to ask.

Andrew K Fletcher


Anonymous said...


I have been using his Inclined bed therapy for the last NINE years and I would never go back to sleeping on a flat bed. When I left the oil and gas industry in Aberdeen I had major problems in my spine, sciatica varicous viens, circulating problems etc. etc. I was taking a bucket full of pain killers. That was EIGHT years ago.

Now at 72 years young. I have not taken any drugs (of any description) in the last SEVEN years. I genuinly feel I have taken total responsiblity of my health. No need to buy expensive health insurance. You have saved me a lot of money and given me a lot of long term happiness Andrew.

I am extremely grateful to you. Keep up the good work!

Andrew K Fletcher said...


Thanks for touching base and informing me and others about your experience using Inclined Therapy.

It certainly lifts my chin up when people get back to me who have found my research to be of use.

Hopefully I will be of more use as the years go by and more people will test I.T.