Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis Dropped Foot and a Dehumidifier

Pauline Phelps, a lady with ms who has been helped by sleeping on an inclined bed, found that some mornings her dropped foot would be a problem. Dropped foot happens when the nervous system is compromised between the foot and the brain, in ms it is thought to be caused by plaques in the myelin sheath around the nerves. Yet Pauline began to record the humidity using a simple meter provided by yours truly. Having done so higher humidity appeared to be indicative so a dehumidifier was introduced into her bedroom during the night and additional water was drank to replace the additional lost fluids from the respiratory tract and skin. In the mornings when the dehumidifier was used during the night her dropped foot problem was not present, yet during high humidity weather when the dehumidifier was not used or had switched off when full her dropped foot problem became apparent again.

Pauline’s experiments with the dehumidifier proved beyond any doubt that humidity plays a very important part in ms. And because Pauline was asleep when the experiment was performed we can eliminate placebo as a cause of her improvements or demise.

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