Friday, December 04, 2009

A Brief explanation of Inclined Therapy

Thanks for experimenting with your bed and deciding to take this further.
This discovery is about density changes in the body fluids from evaporation at the surface of the lungs, sinuses, mouth, throat, nasal cavities skin, eyes and hair follicles.

Any density change at one pint will cause the denser fluids to migrate through the circulation towards the point of exit. The point of exit is predominantly in the urine. To test this a hydrometer was used to test the density / specific gravity of urine produced by my wife (bless her) and me sleeping head down 5 degrees, horizontal, and head up 5 degrees, testing every time we produced urine.

What we found confirmed the theory spectacularly. Flat bed rest lowered the density of urine compared to inclined or head up bed rest, which markedly increased the urine density over normal daily activity. But sleeping head down was stunning. The results with the hydrometer showed that sleeping at a five degree to the horizontal head down angle our urine density over several nights fell to near water density. In other words the dissolved salts, metals, and sugars that normally were excreted in the urine were remaining in the body.

We both developed diarrhoea sleeping upside down or inverted, indicating that our digestive systems were not functioning properly either, the whole experience of inverting for several days was uncomfortable, resulted in headaches, a sense of pressure and a most uncomfortable night, but in the interest of science it needed to be conducted so we did it.

Dissolved solutes in the arteries not the veins move from source of concentration for example the lungs to a sink in this case the kidneys, which filter the solutes from the blood before it enters the return flow in the veins. The denser filtered fluid is then passed into the bladder and excreted in the urine.

The less dense blood can now be pulled back towards the heart from the dragging of solutes or blood molecules that flow down. (for every action there must be an equal and opposing reaction) We cannot say that blood flows down the body towards the feet. This is not possible without it causing the return flow!

Providing the return flow is always less dense than the downward flow the solutes move in the direction of gravity and assist circulation and in doing so ease the burden on the heart. (The opposite to what will be read in the literature).

The literature also recommends raising the legs to address oedema or fluid retention and / or varicose veins.

Clearly from the photographic evidence provided we can see that varicose veins are returned to normal looking veins sleeping on an inclined bed, which fits precisely with the experiment models shown on Youtube and with this new understanding of circulation, yet it contradicts the advice of the physiology literature leaving it in dire need of revision.

Several people during the early pilot studies reported hard lumps in their legs (thrombosis) vanishing without trace. This was verified when an elderly lady who was known to us showed the lump in her leg and on examination after several months the lump was gone..

Again proving that the circulation had increased and the blockage must have been resolved by the improvements in circulation.

Many people reported an increase in warmth compared to sleeping flat, warmer hands and feet whereas a person would normally expect cold feet for an hour or more they found themselves sleeping with their feet outside of the bedding to keep them cooler.

This was also confirmed when helping people with spinal cord injuries, something that has occupied me for several years having met with opposition to conducting a study for people with ms by people saying ms can go into remission which of course is true but for over 11 years in the case of Terri Harrison?

A lot of years have passed since I began this journey of discovery. No more guesswork here!

For those that would like to see this proven or disproved please set up your controlled studies (for which I have been fighting to have conducted for 16 years) as you will not find your results any different to the results that are unfolding and are about to unfold on this forum.

I still believe the circulation in the nervous system is also operating the same gravity dependent flow and return system and this is why people with neurological conditions have found their condition greatly improves by avoiding a flat bed.

Andrew K Fletcher

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