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Facebook | CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis: News from Dr. Zamboni- CCSVI lesions classified as congenital

Facebook | CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis: News from Dr. Zamboni - CCSVI lesions classified as congenital

Common sense always prevails.

Committee of experts from 47 countries and chaired by prof. Byung Lee B, Georgetown officially clasified CCSVI as congenital deformities, and prior venous lesions in MS.


But what's all the excitement about something everyone knew. It was obvious that CCSVI was present before or at the time of ms. No one can deny this.

But what causes the CCSVI? I would imagine it is not present from birth, so what has caused this to develop?

What alters the pressure inside those veins to cause them to twist and strangulate?

Answer based on those cases we see in thisisms who have adopted the Inclined Therapy method must be posture related!

How else can these people be recovering function and sensitivity without surgery?

More to the point, it certainly looks like that old favourite of humans, sleeping flat is suspected to be the main contributing factor for both ccsvi and ms.

Remember, this is the third study we are seeing identical patterns of recovery in.

And then those varicose veins recovering again without surgery using I.T. paints a glorious picture of how sleeping flat must have been the main contributing factor that initiated their development and maintained their progress. Again no surgery required!

So if this can happen in Varicose Veins, Chronic Venous Insufficiency and lead to recovery from multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury and "cerebral palsy in a child in Kent" it must be having an observable affect on CCSVI if CCSVI is contributing to ms. If CCSVI is not affected by I.T. then there is obviously another underlying cause.

And I suspect that the liquid crystal properties of myelin might have something to say about this.

Lesions are lesions. M.S. = Multiple scars in the nervous system and / or brain. Those scars have not gone away because someone has opened up the plumbing and placed an insert inside.

The circulation in the arteries and veins is separate from the nervous system. The heart does not affect the circulation in the nervous system, so this plumbing job can address lethargy and blood flow related problems, assisting people to become more active, which will inevitably lead to better posture for longer periods. Perhaps it is activity that is helping ms symptoms rather than the plumbing job?

But at least CCSVI now has an official stamp, it's a start.


Vicki said...

I'm not sure about IT causing CCSVI. I think it is caused by lack of Vit D when we were developing, thus the congenital defect and the region where you grew up connection.
IT, niacin, EDTA, Red Yeast Rice, Fish Oil and all the other natural treatments for high blood fats and artery/vein disfunction should then help with MS until we can get diagnosed and treated. If your doctor is recommending statin drugs please look into EDTA first. It is less recommended by the medical community not because it is less effective but because they can not patent it and you can get it in your local health food store.
Also try eating apples (maltic acid), garlic and grapefruit.
We have so much hope now. We can take steps to help ourselves until the medical community sees the importance of CCSVI. Try the Swank Diet or the Best Bet Diet, get your bed elevated, baby asprin, etc. Anything you can do to help until we can get the birth defect (or clogged veins) diagnosed.
Lower stress (meditation/yoga), get sunshine (run don't walk outside if the sun shows up) and exercise.. you know the drill...

jessica forester said...

The CCSVI Liberation Treatment could be the cure but fact remains that the rate of re-occlusion is stuck at 50% and MS patients being treated in the European and Asian countries end up suffering as they did, 3 months ago. While Big Pharmaceutical Corporations and governments in the US and Canada are coming up with new ideas to stop any advancements to the CCSVI theory (Like the superbugs, etc.), millions continue to travel to countries like India and Poland to get this simple procedure and no valuable data is recorded to support the CCSVI theory. Unless we get our position strong enough to support the CCSVI Theory, we will never be able to beat the Pharma Corporations or start the treatment here and many will keep suffering and dying even after having the procedure done. I lost my elder brother last month because of a blood clot in his stent. He got liberated 5 months ago in Poland. We need to prove to the government that this works. Non-profit organizations like the CCSVI Clinic are tirelessly working to develop safer protocols with teams of world renowned surgeons even though they are feeling the negative pressure from you know who. This Atlanta based Organization has started Clinical Trials for CCSVI and we need to support these groups because they are our only hope to fight for the truth. Without the valuable data that they are collecting offshore, the procedures will not be allowed here, in our own countries.

CCSVI Clinic said...

It is estimated that the failure rate of the “liberation therapy” may be 50% or higher, even through the most experienced surgeons in Poland & Albany. As more people receive the therapy there is growing concern amongst patients that the procedure needs to include a post-procedure protocol that is more effective than simply releasing the patient from the hospital within a day.

CCSVI Clinic said...

It should be mentioned that our research is under much scrutiny & attack from elements that are trying to control the industry & the dialogue.We would ask you to have the independence of thought to see through their campaign of deceit. research updates will be published on the Clinic website. Questions about participation may be directed toward the Clinic administration at 888-419-6855.

jessica said...

After 6 months of offering stem cell therapy in combination with the venous angioplasty liberation procedure, patients of CCSVI Clinic have reported excellent health outcomes. Ms. Kasma Gianopoulos of Athens Greece, who was diagnosed with the Relapsing/Remitting form of MS in 1997 called the combination of treatments a “cure”. “I feel I am completely cured” says Ms. Gianopoulos, “my symptoms have disappeared and I have a recovery of many functions, notably my balance and my muscle strength is all coming (back). Even after six months, I feel like there are good changes happening almost every day. Before, my biggest fear was that the changes wouldn’t (hold). I don’t even worry about having a relapse anymore. I’m looking forward to a normal life with my family. I think I would call that a miracle.”
Other recent MS patients who have had Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation (ASCT), or stem cell therapy have posted videos and comments on YouTube. For more information visit

jessica forester said...

Dr. Avneesh Gupte, the Neurosurgeon at Noble Hospital performing the procedure has been encouraged by results in Cerebral Palsy patients as well. “We are fortunate to be able to offer the treatment because not every hospital is able to perform these types of transplants. You must have the specialized medical equipment and specially trained doctors and nurses”. With regard to MS patients, “We are cautious, but nevertheless excited by what patients are telling us. Suffice to say that the few patients who have had the therapy through us are noticing recovery of neuro deficits beyond what the venous angioplasty only should account for”.
Dr. Unmesh of Noble continues: “These are early days and certainly all evidence that the combination of liberation and stem cell therapies working together at this point is anecdotal. However I am not aware of other medical facilities in the world that offer the synthesis of both to MS patients on an approved basis and it is indeed a rare opportunity for MS patients to take advantage of a treatment that is quite possibly unique in the world”.
Autologous stem cell transplantation is a procedure by which blood-forming stem cells are removed, and later injected back into the patient. All stem cells are taken from the patient themselves and cultured for later injection. In the case of a bone marrow transplant, the HSC are typically removed from the Pelvis through a large needle that can reach into the bone. The technique is referred to as a bone marrow harvest and is performed under a general anesthesia. The incidence of patients experiencing rejection is rare due to the donor and recipient being the same individual.This remains the only approved method of the SCT therapy. For more information visit

James Bostrom said...
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Megan James said...

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