Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poor Postural Advice for people with ms.

Andrew K Fletcher

Poor Postural Advice for people with ms.

Tips & Advice...

• Try to ensure that you get enough sleep - take naps during

the day if necessary. Give yourself permission to rest and put

your feet up whenever possible

• When you feel tired or worn out, stop what you are doing

and have a... rest before you start again - pace yourself

• Don't stand when you can sit down, and don't sit down

when you can lie down

• Be aware of your physical limitations and listen to your body

when it tells you to stop

• You might find that relaxation tapes and gentle music help

you to wind down

• If you know that you have a big event coming up that might

tire you out, make sure that you prepare for it, by getting as

much rest as possible beforehand

Flat bed rest advocated by an ms charity as the panacea for multiple
sclerosis. Yet proven to be a powerful degenerative influence on
healthy people, let alone some one with a neurological condition. There
are a huge amount of publications identifying flat bed rest as anything
but a safe and healthy sanctuary?

How many people with ms have read this harmful information and followed the advice only to find they have deteriorated rapidly?

People need to wake up to Inclined Therapy!

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Andrew K Fletcher said...

PARALYZED IN CHURCH.; Stricken While Praying ;- Remains Kneeling for 14 Hours.
November 11, 1913, Tuesday
Page 2, New York Times
Shortly after Miss Hannah Moran, a seamstress, knelt for her morning devotions at 7 o'clock yesterday in a pew in the Church of St. John the Baptist, in West Thirtieth Street, she was stricken with paralysis and found she could not rise. Her hope, then, was in prayer, and she continued with bowed head hour after hour.

An old report but shows how altering posture can have a direct impact on the nervous system.