Friday, February 19, 2010

My Dream Last Night

My dreams are incredible.

Last night I was driving an old friends fast car Hilman Imp, that was race tuned, a car we used to pile in and wreak havoc hammering it around sharp bends with an 8 track stereo belting out Deep Purple, David Bowie, Erick Clapton and Led Zeplain. But the car was not mine, it belonged to another good friend Terry Richards. Are kids today any worse than we were?

I was belting up a hill which was familiar when a capri behind me was flashing me down and sounding the horn. When the driver got out, he come over to me and said; "Hey Andy long time no see how you doing? And how come your driving this? I thought you drove a merc? (Joey Round, known to some friends as Squary, but to me Joey) Me and Joey go right back to childhood, born in same rough old Longbank road in Oakham, Joey was a great bloke and always looked out for us younger kids.

I said to Joey, you are supposed to be dead? He said don't be daft, laughing in his usual way and we talked about his supposedly being dead. I even told him I had seen the death certificate. I then said the merc is back at home with an old Austin, Later we were in the pub with friends laughing with Joey and me saying he was dead, when clearly I was mistaken. I also met Jackie Nash, his wife who he divorced, also a very good friend and was telling her about Joey and how he was very much alive. The dream lasted for a very long time.

I was not thinking of him or Jackie or anyone in particular when I went to bed, or indeed had I thought about either of them for a long time.

During the dream, I even realised I had made a serious error on facebook Tividale Comprehensive School site adding RIP to his name and to many other damned good friends that died far too young, and needed to go back to the site and change it asap.
Jackie died of cancer a few years ago :(
Joey died of cancer in the throat a few years back :cry:

I have no reason why this dream was triggered but writing this and telling my wife about it is making my hairs stand on end, it was very lucid and beautiful and did not feel at all like a dream.

We can learn a lot from our dreams, but would need to find out how different brain activity is on Inclined Therapy. Alas, we would need the use of a sleep centre to determine what's happening in the brain activity at night compared to flat bedrest.

I believe that the brain needs good circulation of cerebrospinal fluid and bloodflow to organise and recall these memories. But this was much more than a memory recalled, it was truly astonishing and vivid.

I believe also, based on what happened to the girl with cerebral palsy in Kent, who walked at school for the very first time after around 8 months of Inclined Therapy and many more reports of memory improvements, that the brain uses the direction of gravity to improve circulation and restore supposedly irreversible damage.

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