Friday, April 23, 2010

Tracy from Facebook Writes about her experience with Inclined Bed Therapy and ms.

Tracy 23 April at 04:34
I am sorry to be so presumptuous to email you on FB, but I wanted to tell you IBT is amazing. I am 35 and have had(known) MS for 8 1/2 years. I have been through every interferon, Tysabri, etc.. I was elated to learn about CCSVI - which came just in time - I was in the process of picking one of 3 dangerous medications. I am anti-pharmaceutical company to begin with but the theory behind CCSVI made too much sense to listen to my neurologist, so I had a friend cut blocks of wood for me and now sleep inclined nightly. It has been 2 1/2 weeks and there is a marked difference already. (I am on the waiting list at Ameds Centrum in Poland, but have not had the surgery yet). I no longer wak up dizzy everyday. No more pounding headache. Spacisity and Foot Drop are back to the way they were before my last relapse (only when I am tired). Even if I don't get Liberation Therapy, IBT is working. THANK YOU! YOU'RE A GENIOUS!



Anonymous said...

I dont know how to send letter to Andrew Flether thats why i write hire.
Hello dear sientist Andrew Fletcher! I am glad that there is such realy good scientist like you.
Sorry for bad english ,i live in the capital of Azerbaycan, Baku . I have ms 12 years ,i have headakes 12 years on left side of head,my left aye see worse and double ,my right side of body
is weak ,i cant walk more than 200 meters, I am writing to you becouse i readed about your inclined bed at 15 02 2010 year and i rise my bed on 6 inches at 16 02 2010.
From the first day i felt something strange in my head ,like headakes on whole my head,i had pain in stomach and gases , i feeled like blood boiling in my legs, I had bad apetite.
Next day i feel myself much better.
I can see better, walk better,have balanse better, my right leg become stronger ,my hant too , my feeling of hot became not much, i go for toilet ofener ,sorry for my word -even my erection
become better and still is the same,
i dont tired in that days, i could write much better. I read letters of thats who get liberation prosedure they tell the same-headakes,pain in stomach et set.
I think that it will be continue long time but it was till 23 02 2010 ,after my dinner -meat on oil with rise. Day before ,at 22 02 2010 i rised bed on more 2 inches and it became 8 inches.
May be it was the reason of my make worse ,i dont know .I don what was the reason of my change for a worse .
Give me your advise please .What i can do else to walk better ?
Now i dont have lermitt sindrome, the relations with my wife much better(you know what i mean).May be it becouse of changing blood sirculation?
Now i dont eat meat only fish ,vegetables,2 Kivi in a day. Is it may be that i will feel better? I am preparing for liberation in Bulgary hospital next year,what you think about that?
In general i feel better then before. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ANDREW ! WITH GOOD REGARDS AHTEBAR !

my email to send letter to Flether.

AnneAnne said...

With a big Me Too!!!! With my MS I had really begun to spiral downwards as my sleep had begun to worsen, mornings had begun to decline, eyesight was acting off, thinking was cloudy all day, much like Tracy describes....... then one day this past January 2010 I came across IBT and decided, what can I lose? Slept at about a 30% semi-incline (fm waist up with pillows) and woke the next morning for the first time in years and years well-rested, filled with life, and smiling! My children were stunned to see me so energetic in the morn. Just one night!

Continued thereafter - was like a New Life! Colors were especially vibrant to the point of distraction! (They still are but have gotten more used to it)

Good energy into the evening where I could actually engage in complex conversations.... like when I was 25 years old! (I'm now 41 with MS for 8 yrs)

Reading my child to sleep on night I fell asleep flat on her bed. Woke around 3am (that was typical in the non ibt days) disoriented, feeling hungover as if drunk, not well at all. Returned to sleep quickly in my ibt situation and took it as just further proof of not only the effectiveness of ibt but also of the CCSVI theory.

I have found for me personally optimal is to sleep inclined 45 degrees (still waist up, only because I have not made time to get out to the lumberyard) and on my left side. It is there that I can feel an immediate rush of blood move fm the right side of my face down through the right side of my body.

This has left me with crazy energy that I am slowly learning to temper and not overbook myself. I am a full time graduate student in psychoglogy, and I work paid part-time on the floor oftentimes with small children, and I intern part-time as a student about 30 hrs per week.

In January I was beginning to give up. Now I am so giddy with joy nearly every day. I liken this to being a zombie being raised fm the dead.

AnneAnne said...

Hi Andrew, this is AnneAnne - if you wish to contact me I am at:

Thank you!

Andrew K Fletcher said...

Hi Annie Anne

Thank you for letting me know about your experiences using IBT.

Would you be so kind as to add a progress journal to the new IBT forum so that we can learn more about your progress and please elevate the whole of your bed, it is far superior to sleeping with half the bed raised.

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