Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:28 pm :

Andrew, as I posted a while ago, IBT has been great for me. I also wrote that I was on tysabri, that it did nothing for me and lately exacerbated my fatigue. As I moved into the 4th week my stamina started to pick up. This time round I decided to get of the drug. I'm in the 5th week after my last infusion, and feeling much, much better. I have no intention to resume taking drugs. I simply don't believe the autoimmune fable.

June 26 I'll be on my way to see dr. Kosteki in Poland. Hopefully I will be liberated after being found to be CCSVI positive.


PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:22 am

i have been useing ibt about 6 mo. i have had ppms for almost 20 yrs. i was hopeing for better mobility but i am still declineing in that respect. but i have to say my feet will be like ice and they warm up much quicker. i breath much better at night and i can tell i am not snoreing much because after i got sick i snored so bad my throat would be sore in the morning. i do not wake myself up coughing. as a rule i feel my sleep is just better. i have gotten an odd pain at the base of my skull that would radiate up my head at night off and on for many yrs. as a rule i usually would notice changes for the worse when that happend. i have not gotten that pain near as much. so i will keep my bed elevated. i sleep in a hospital bed and i wonder sometimes if the way the springs or something else make it less effective.


Vicki said...

Hello Andrew.

I have sent you e-mails from two other sites in the hope to get an answer from you. Maybe this is the right place.

Are you the one who said in an article that people who have had metal surgically put into their bodies should not do the ibt?

I had a knee replacement and remembered on our second inclinded night. We both love to sleep inclined after only trying it 2 nights, but then I remembered that I shouldn't because of the metal in my knee.

Please let me know if I can safely do it or not. Will it pull the metal and kneecap down and out of place?

Thank you so much, and am hoping desperately that we can continue to sleep inclined.

Thanks for all your research on the subject. I have a son-in-law who has MS and have told him about it. Myself, I am ok with some arthritis, but take care of it thru' supplements, anti-inflammatories, etc. God bless you.

Vicki and/or

Andrew K Fletcher said...

Hi Vicki

Metal implants, joint replacements etc will not make any difference to IBT and it's effects and I have never said anything to the contrary. You can safely sleap inclined and if you do get problems you can return to flat bedrest :)

Anonymous said...

Andrew, after reading your research a lot of things have become a lot clearer for me. Having recently been diagnosed with MS and not receiving any real answers or respect from doctors and nurses alike I have gone in search of the answers myself. In respect to your ideas before I was diagnosed I visited the maldives and felt awful all week, tired sick, dizzy, swollen. I have always had issues with my knees since a teenager especially in high humidity or before rain and doctors could never explain not even then. Please continue with your work I think u may be on to a massive discovery and if u can I'd like to know a little more about IBT and ongoing research