Sunday, February 09, 2014

Chemotherapy and Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)

Just received a call from a lady that was one of the very first to sleep inclined and still does to this day. She had driven to see her sister who has cancer and has been receiving Chemotherapy. Her hair had begun to fall out after the first course, which apparently is not usual. By the time she saw her she had lost all of her hair, had severely swollen legs and feet. Needless to say, her bed was raised 6 inches at the head end and within a few days her hair started to grow back. She was told to raise her legs on a stool to reduce swelling by her Doctors, which didn't work. My friend told her sister to ignore her doctors advice and sleep on the incline and keep her legs down. Also told her if she feels unwell to use IBT during the daytime as and when she needed it.

Apparently her consultant was astonished to find a huge change, which could not have been down to the medication. He also commented on the improvements in swelling which had vanished within days. In addition her blood cell count had normalised. I'm not sure what type of cancer she has but it had spread to her lymph nodes. 
Instead of the usual feeling sick and unable to function following Chemo, she was looking and feeling better than ever. Her doctor said when he saw her that she must be getting plenty of rest. She said, actually I have just come from helping to decorate my friends house.

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