Saturday, August 02, 2014

Important #Ebola Advice:

No Ebola Patient should be resting on flat beds. They need to be raised 15cm at head end

Many plagues have caused millions of deaths and untold suffering, one in particular was the sweating sickness, a #virus that killed millions in the Tudor period. In those days they didn't have drugs. Instead they had the power of observation and realised that placing infected people flat in bed would seal their fate by morning. So they opted to place two guards by the side of the bed to prevent the person from laying down and many survived. In Egypt and other parts of Africa, historical evidence exists that beds were raised higher at the head end. The Pharaohs tombs produced inclined beds raised 15 cm / 6 inches at the head end. Operations in mud huts, including C sections were successfully carried out on inclined beds. See Uganda Image. My late father was given hours to live, while in a coma. He had multiple organ failure, his urine was brown and tar like, his legs were bloated with fluids. He had pancreatic cancer. Eventually I convinced a reluctant medical team to tilt his bed. Within hours his organs began functioning normal, he came out of the coma and his legs decreased in size. He began walking around the ward and came home after a few days to enjoy a further 8 months of life. One would have thought that this evidence would have filtered through to doctors but alas they adhere to flat beds. I have been researching Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) for 20 years, and have noticed that people using it become far more resistant to infections around them than those sleeping flat. My granddaughter was the only girl in her nursery class not to develop chicken pox. which brings me to the point of this message. Many lives will be saved if we can convince doctors and nurses and villages to sleep with their beds elevated at the head end. The video: Explains why this is important, how it was discovered, the science behind it. and the implications for our health.
Doctors, Scientists and Nurses, openly admit they can do nothing to prevent or cure the #Ebolavirus. #inclinedbedtherapy will undoubtedly save many lives!
Please help to get this important message out there. Andrew K Fletcher

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