Sunday, October 22, 2017

CCSVI Classified

Common sense always prevails.

Committee of experts from 47 countries and chaired by prof. Byung Lee B, Georgetown officially clasyficated CCSVI as congenital deformities, and prior venous lesions in MS.


But what's all the excitement about something everyone knew. It was obvious that CCSVI was present before or at the time of ms. No one can deny this.

But what causes the CCSVI? I would imagine it is not present from birth, so what has caused this to develop?

What alters the pressure inside those veins to cause them to twist and strangulate?

Answer based on those cases we see in thisisms who have adopted the Inclined Therapy method must be posture related!

How else can these people be recovering function and sensitivity without surgery?

More to the point, it certainly looks like that old favourite of humans, sleeping flat is suspected to be the main contributing factor for both ccsvi and ms.

Remember, this is the third study we are seeing identical patterns of recovery in.

And then those varicose veins recovering again without surgery using I.T. paints a glorious picture of how sleeping flat must have been the main contributing factor that initiated their development and maintained their progress. Again no surgery required!

So if this can happen in Varicose Veins, Chronic Venous Insufficiency and lead to recovery from multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury and "cerebral palsy in a child in Kent" it must be having an observable affect on CCSVI if CCSVI is contributing to ms. If CCSVI is not affected by I.T. then there is obviously another underlying cause.

And I suspect that the liquid crystal properties of myelin might have something to say about this.

Lesions are lesions. M.S. = Multiple scars in the nervous system and / or brain. Those scars have not gone away because someone has opened up the plumbing and placed an insert inside.

The circulation in the arteries and veins is separate from the nervous system. The heart does not affect the circulation in the nervous system, so this plumbing job can address lethargy and blood flow related problems, assisting people to become more active, which will inevitably lead to better posture for longer periods. Perhaps it is activity that is helping ms symptoms rather than the plumbing job?

But at least CCSVI now has an official stamp, it's a start.


Lynne Heal said...

CCSVI won a GOLD award in an experiment in space

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GOLD award won as follows

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Dr. Zamboni shares new research from London--hypoperfusion and hypoxia are related to lesions in #MS. Vascular connection is real. #HeartBrainConnection

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MS drugs do not work