Sunday, October 22, 2017

"To help, you can:

Eat small, frequent meals.
Stand or sit for 1 to 3 hours after eating.
Use blocks to raise the head of your bed."

In my opinion, an inclined bed can assist the body and indeed the skin to repair itself, by increasing oxygen sats and helping to migrate salts away from the skins surface.

I have seen at first hand how psoriasis positively responds to sleeping at a five degree angle. I have also seen how old scar tissue smoothed out. On my leg for example, a deep grooved scar, present since an encounter with barbed wire for many years. I tilted my bed in 1994 and it was several years later when I noticed the scar was barely visible and the groove had filled up with healthy skin.

Dr J.P. Torre has set up an online research website to determine the effects of sleeping on an inclined bed as opposed to sleeping flat.
He is seeking participants to take part in this trial.

I have fought for 23 years to have IBT investigated independently and now we have a fantastic opportunity to study the effects with an inevitable publication of his findings. He doesn't need any personal details and this can be done anonymously if you wish to.

Can you help him?

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