Monday, June 08, 2009

John Simkins MSRC on Inclined Therapy for ms.

Research section of of newsletter for Manchester Multiple Sclerosis Research A.R.M.S. March 4th 1998

With regard to MS. John Simkins Founder-Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre, (MSRC), conducted interviews with 10 ms and 4 non ms patients, including 2 complete spinal cord injured people on this trial. He has produced a report titled Raised Bed Survey June 1997: 'What we found at worst is generally encouraging and in the case of certain signs ans symptoms, suggests that substantial benefits may be obtained.' We believe that there is good reason to conduct further investigation into the therapeutic value of sleeping on a bed raised by six inches at the head.'

Since meeting the people in June 97, John Simkins said in a BBC Radio Devon Interview on 27th October, 1997, "This is the first time in our 40 years experience that we have come across something which actually alters bodily systems".


Jason said...

Haha and then they never did anything about it ..

whats the point of putting these people in power and at the forefront of charitable organisations or research if all they are going to do with the money is give themselves bonuses and brand new cars to drive to the office and back everyday

Andrew K Fletcher said...

How sad the reality of charity is when money and it's continued flow in the direction of a lucrative lifestyle for those who attract it, differs from the position of those who desperately need some answers for often debilitating conditions.

I have learned so much in the 15 years of this journey, most of all how deep politics runs through charitable veins.