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Comments from Youtube RE: Inclined Therapy

PhatCat6t6 (1 year ago)
I am paraplegic and am always looking? for any and all techniques to reverse my condition.
I will be trying this theory of Mr. Fletcher's and will report on my progress in the months to come.
itsdanny83 (1 year ago)
I got to try this I am a C-6 quad (SCI) going on? 3 years I will let you know how it goes
itsdanny83 (1 year ago)
I have heard this before and this is the kinda of the same thing the doc wont to do to me but with surgery on my neck and skull (to help the blood flow) and he said? that would help out so so much thats crazy
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) Hi Danny Hi Phatcat
There are two threads containing a lot more information about spinal cord injuries including some fascinating case histories at Carecure do a web search to find it.

Please post a diary in The Europe forum at Carecure. This is where? I am conducting a study on spinal cord injuries and your input would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards Andrew
420sirsmokealot (1 year ago)
Hey, I have been doing this for about a month now and so far? my feet/legs is burning and some times it feels like they are on fire. Is anyone else feeling this?
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) This is good news with spinal cord injury, you are going to feel more pain prior to a gain, this is the way it works. Significant improvements around the 4 months period. Try? to perform any exercise possible while on the incline, repetion rather than anything strenuous. But the increased buring in the legs has been reported many times by people with spinal cord injuries trying the inclined bed. They describe it as having fire ants running over their skin.
daveshorts (1 year ago)
A lot of the reason Andrew is not taken seriously is he has a? theory to go with his bed that is plain wrong.

However an inclined bed may well help people. It is a pity that he is not looking for a more plausible explanation of his results.

For example the effect may well be due to a different forces being applied to the spinal cord when sleeping or various others
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) | I have seen far too many results David Not just spinal injury but Parkinson's? disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Cerebral Palsy, varicose veins oedema, renal failure bing reversed within a few hours of inclining the bed. How does this fit with your interpretation of IBT?
daveshorts (1 year ago)
I do not have an explanation for IBT, all I know is that your theory you are hawking with? IBT doen't fit with millions of observations in physics, chemisty and biology.

This is not to say that IBT does not work, just that your explanation of it is getting in the way of finding this out rigorously.
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) | On the contrary it fits perfectly because the theory came before the inclined bed therapy. I wanted to test the theory on the body to see if there was any evidence that the incline had an effect on us. 4 weeks of IBT resulted in a varicose vein on my wife's leg going flat. It had been there for 16 years, used to bulge and ache. When this happened it related perfectly to my experiments. The vein being pulled in flies in the face of? accepted literature.
daveshorts (1 year ago)
That may be the case, however it contradicts billions of other observations made by other people who have properly documented the effect. Large amounts of science has been discovered by people using dubious models, not least electromagnetism.

For a start what have you done in your experiments to rule out the idea that this could just be a placebo effect? If people think something will work, for many conditions, it will? to some extent work.
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) | Remove Also had amazing result with a child who has cerebral palsy and unable to? walk up until the age of 12, when after 8 moths of IBT she walked at school for the first time. Possibly placebo?
daveshorts (1 year ago)
It may be placebo, it may have been luck, or it is possible that IBT works, however your theory that? you are basing it on contradicts so many millions of other observations (not just theories) throughout science that no-one is going to take you seriously enough to do a scientific trial so we can find out if it works, if you go on about the theory.
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) Millions of observations? Can you list them?

My theory fits with all observations in physics, biology, chenistry, plant physiology, ocean currents (See atlantic conveyor system) Animal physiology and human physiology! Why does it? fit? Because it is correct!
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) | Remove How does your interpretation relate to a decrease in heart rate by 10-12 beats per minute and a decrease in respiration rate by 4-5 breaths per minute in people sleeping at a five degree head? up angle? Everything fits perfectly with my theory which led me to coming up with the question "Why do we sleep flat"?
CeeStyleDj (1 year ago)
What about a craftmatic adjustable bed? been around for maybe 20 years??
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) Totally the wrong posture with a Craftmatic? Bed, having the upper half elevated with feet either level or raised compresses the spine and comprimises circulation.
CeeStyleDj (1 year ago)
I see. Thanks for the? reply.
wildypker19 (1 year ago)
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) Placebo effect on spinal cord injury, that's a new one Dave. During many years of research, particularly into multiple scelrosis, we adopted a revert back to sleeping flat cross over? to see if the symptoms would come back, which they did. Oddly enough didn't get many vollunteers willing to give up IBT.
LuisLomeliMD (1 year ago)
Andrew: I'll be making a video in response to your great idea & I'll incorporate other facts. In medicine,? we know that gravity can help us prevent gastric acid from reaching the esophagus and lungs. Patients with heart failure often sleep sitting up. Your idea makes sense because the muscle tone, if body inclined, would be enhanced. The medical orthodoxy, as you know, is full of rubbish.
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) | Remove Doctor Lomeli Thank you for taking a look at the video and posting a comment. And thank you also for your kind offer to help by making a video. Please feel free to use any of my work, and photographs in the psoriasis forum of Helen, who incidentally is still improving and set to confirm pilot study results. If you could test my? theory on your patients, those who you feel will benefit most, please come back and let me know your results.

Kind regards

oldsharkie (1 year ago)
My wife and I have been sleeping on an inclined bed (8 inches)about 22 months. During this time my blood pressure has dropped from 160/90 to 130/65 (Ave) with the same dose of 50 mg Atenolol. I no longer snore nor have sleep apnea attacks. After many years of taking Flonase for sinusitis I discontinued the medication 6 months ago with little or no sinus problems now. Night time urination has decreased from half dozen times to once a night. I? am 82.
shortstraw88 (1 year ago)
Wow, i never realised that. Thats a cool idea. I might stick some books under the top end of my bed. I? dont have any back problems yet as im only 22 but it could help in the future. Nice vid.
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) Glad you liked the video.

While as you say you are fit and young. You may, like my wife and I find that you do not get the usual bugs that are circulating in the winter, while everyone around? you appears to play host to every conceivable pathogen :)
PeteMoss36 (1 year ago)
This works for hiatal hernia, acid reflux and? bloating as well! I say give the man a Nobel Prize; Bravo!
xfarmxgirlx (1 year ago)
I dont belive this. (I mean actually can't belive this could happen, I? think it is 100% coincidence)
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) | Remove I have been working on this important discovery since 1994. This video while important is only the tip of the iceburg

Multiple sclerosis, cot deaths, parkinson's Disease, cerebral palsy, varicose veins, leg ulcer, oedema, blood pressure, all respond? to avoiding flat bedrest.
Google "andrew k fletcher" or "inclined bed therapy"
dangerousdaly (1 year ago)
I have? had severe neck pain for the last 6 years! I have just gone and put two house bricks under my bed and I will post how I get on....
gforgetsmost2007 (1 year ago)
This makes me? want a sloping bed!!
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) | Remove Remember, the whole bed slopes from head to toe and is raised 6 inches or fifteen cm's on? a 6 feet 3inch long bed (UK Standard Size) If your bed is a lot longer then you will have to raise the bed up to an extra inch at the head end.

Good luck and thanks for the comment
Alamdar405 (1 year ago)
well Andrew that sure is an amazing discovery, i am writting in from Pakistan where people suffering from MS are very low. But the unfortunate part is that my mother is a patient of MS and this idea would do wonders ... i have my fingers crossed and this is what i will be doing to Make my Mother walk properly again :)

thanks loads and? i wish you success for times to come

Alamdar khan
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) | Remove Hi Alamdar, Thank you for your comment.
Your mother should respond well to IBT People with MS in general respond within 4 weeks, maybe some moderate improvements at? first which will be followed by more improvements over the following months.

Search terms Multiple sclerosis + "inclined bed therapy" or "andrew k fletcher"
Also google "inclined to sleep inclined" for pilot study results on MS, you will find this group in google groups
AndrewKFletcher (1 year ago) | Remove Hi Alamdar, Thank you for your comment.
Your mother should respond well to IBT People with? MS in general respond within 4 weeks, maybe some moderate improvements at first which will be followed by more improvements over the following months.

Search terms Multiple sclerosis + "inclined bed therapy" or "andrew k fletcher"
Also google "inclined to sleep inclined" for pilot study results on MS, you will find this group in google groups
illmitchjax (1 year ago)
My GF sleeps like this to help her? ME... :)
wheelieblind (1 year ago)
looks like a good? idea
johnbresnik (10 months ago)
I accidentally ran across this concept a couple months ago - was painting my bed base and didn't want to set it back on the rug, so I put a couple 3" blocks under the head. Went to bed and forgot about the blocks - slept through until 5:00 AM -- couldn't believe it - I always get up 2-3 times a night. Then I did research on the Internet and was glad to find your material. Needless to say, my bed is still 3" higher at the head -- many benefits are? showing up, including my wife no longer snoring.
johnbresnik (10 months ago)
Andrew: I left a comment this morning, but it didn't show up. Basically I said that this works for me. I think the main problem will be the "Semmelweis reflex" -- it'll take some time to get past that, but I am now? an "IBT Evangelist" -- I'll do whatever I can to get the word out and promote this revolutionary health improvement concept.
AndrewKFletcher (10 months ago) | Remove Incline your bed to 6 inches at the head end when you are ready. If you could come to the Nakedscientists forum and update us on your progress from time to time and advise anyone you know who has varicose veins to join our? study it would be great. We need 50 people to test this with oedema and / or varicose veins.
Kind Regards

johnbresnik (10 months ago)
I will visit that forum to add my input - I've been promoting this concept to my family and friends - some are trying it (don't try it... do it..!). I know of some people with varicose veins and will pass the word along to them. Was surprised to learn that the Egyptians practiced this IBT therapy, but they probably didn't have a name? for it.

Take care and thank you for your dedication to promoting this concept,

AndrewKFletcher (10 months ago) Thank you for your help with this John,

There are two giant beds in a fort in Canada I have been informed about. Both are sloping down from head to toe and both can sleep? 12 people. Why did they find this useful and what were they used to help treat or prevent?

Also in the Late Tudor Period The Sweating Sickness killed millions. Why did they place two guards at the bedside to prevent sleep, presumably also to prevent the afflicted from laying down. Those that slept were dead by morning!
xgxexmxmxa (9 months ago)
If this is good for spine injury can it also help? with prolapsed discs in the neck? I am in constant pain with mine.
AndrewKFletcher (8 months ago) There is a strong possibility that this will help with prolapsed disc in the neck. A good way of testing this is to note down when? your worst time is over a 24 hour period. If it is during the night and first thing in the morning after wake up then the answer is this will definately help this condition. How far it will go for each case is anyones guess, but nothing ventured nothing gained and you can always abandon Inclined Bed Therapy if you feel it is not helping but gove it 4 months minimum
Roccia24 (7 months ago)

I have horrible varicose veins and I want to take part in your study if you are still looking for volunteers. I tried to find the info on the naked scientist website and could not find where to contact you. Please respond with a better way to contact you, the website you listed on Earth Clinic did not help me either! Thank you? and I am looking forward to getting started! Candice
AndrewKFletcher (6 months ago) If you go to the nakedscientists forum, then search for varicose veins you will find? our study. look forward to hearing from you Candice

midniight (6 months ago) 0
Fuck yea... Thankx brother... I have a best friend whos paralized from the waist down, im going to elevate his bed,? and give this a shot... hopefully he too, will be walking soon i know he can do it. :)
If you want i can document it, and video tape the documentary.... thankx alot tho, i also will try this for myself.
LoveAsh7 (6 months ago) 0
my mom has very bad swollen feet due to diabetes I have? raised her incline with 3 bricks and hopefully this will sort out her problems...great work love shana
AndrewKFletcher (3 months ago) Hi Shana
Just found your note. Have you noticed improvements? in her oedema? It should be completely gone by now

LoveAsh7 (2 months ago) 0
Hi Andrew,
yes we were abroad on holiday and her feet? were badly swollen sleeping normally. So the IBT works.. also I noticed that when she sleeps with the incline she does not snore,..neither does she wake up suddenly
her heart is not struggling. I see it as essential and permanent that she sleeps with an incline bed otherwise her bad health comes back.
AndrewKFletcher (2 months ago) Hi Shana
Thank you for coming back to let us know how your mum is finding sleeping inclined. Her improved oedema report is very useful and if ok, I will add it to the varicose veins and oedema study on Nakedscientists forum?

Would? be great if her doctor could provide us with his / her own observations regarding her improvements. I bet she has stopped getting out of bed so much to empty her bladder, this is another useful bonus. However, she should drink a little more water to compensate. Andrew
aether222 (6 months ago)
Truly the most amazing therapy I have come across, other ones include: Vitazym (digestive and metabolic enzymes, removes scars), Emotion Code and EFT,? HIIT exercises & EWOT, Chlorella, Honey Cinnamon and ACV in low dose, Hypnosis, MMS (Jim Humble) and H2O2, sunlight/sungazing, organic food and avoiding microwaves drugs etc, vitamins antioxidants minerals, QT ME and Qi Gong, Ubiquinol, fish oil.

Any reports of this fixing sleeping problems? (trouble getting or staying asleep, sleep apnea?)
AndrewKFletcher (3 months ago) Hi Aether222

Sleep related problems? are some of the most responsive to Inclined Bed Therapy, snoring, insomnia, sleep apnea, sleep paralysis are greatly improved. Thank you for the comment

Only1moomin (5 months ago) 0
An unsightly varicose vein on my calf vanished after only 4 weeks of Inclined Bed therapy. That was in 1994. It has never returned since, yet had become a problem for 16 years following the birth of our son. My leg used to ache walking up hill. Today I have no pain or aches and leg is normal? with no bulging vericosed vein to be seen.

Eventually you will get the recognition you deserve for all of your research. Long may you continue to help those people who have a mind open enough to test IBT.
sjarvis84 (5 months ago)
can this new therapy help the paralysis due to having Spina Bifida? I've been experiencing new sensations in my back,legs and? sides....would this new therapy help that new sensation go further??
AndrewKFletcher (5 months ago) I see no? reason why it should not help you to regain control over muscles and nerves. Although, I have not had any feedback from anyone trying IBT for this condition and would appreciate very much if you could provide us with some should you decide to try it.
AndrewKFletcher (3 months ago) | Remove Did? you Incline your bed and if so are you keeping a note of your observations? Would love to hear from you.

sjarvis84 (3 months ago) 0
I tried it for a month or so and only noticed that my circulation in my lower half was improved...not noticed? any other changes in my condition as a result of inclining my bed.

AndrewKFletcher (3 months ago) Hi Sarah. It was a given that you would notice improvements in circulation. How were you able to determine this were your hands and feet warmer?
4 weeks of inclined bed therapy was never going to be sufficient to effect a recovery. Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis for instance can take 4 months of IBT before it begins to stimulate the nerves. Spinal cord? injury takes longer in most cases, although there have also been some more rapid recovery signs.
Please give it longer & keep a diary.
godofthemiddleearth (3 months ago) 0
In 1997 My husband and I decided to try this method for respiratory? and arthritic condtions that had become much worse with age. Following a few months, we began to notice huge improvements in mobility and pain management and cannot thank you enough for this common sense holistic approach to healing. We will never revert back to sleeping flat and we advise everyone who has a medical condition that could be helped by this method.
Thank you Andrew
AndrewKFletcher (3 months ago) Thanks for posting about your experiences using IBT. Great to hear? your still sleeping inclined.

I doubt there are many that would revert back to falt bed rest after sleeping inclined.

johnbresnik (3 months ago)
This therapy really works -- I've been at 6" now for over six months and the benefits are surprising - too bad the MDs won't tell? people about this -- they need "scientific evidence" that it works first -- so while we wait another twenty years for the "science," millions of people will continue to suffer from various ailments that could be alleviated by simply raising the head of their bed six inches. In the meantime, at least a few people get the benefit and they tell others.
AndrewKFletcher (3 months ago) Hi John, thanks for sending me the pictures of your modified bed.
Great to hear your thoughts and experience using IBT.

There have been some recent? developments with published papers on Head up sleeping, that have confirmed in a study what I already confirmed 15 years ago with people who have MS and people who have spinal cord injuries.

You and I know that IBT works, problem is that most people will watch this video and think it's a hoax and walk away unconvinced. People have been conditioned
hurmuzs (3 months ago) 0
how is this therapy workin spider? veins andrew?
AndrewKFletcher (3 months ago) I have had some reports of improvements. Although, I have been focused on varicose vein improvements and have not requested feedback on spider veins or encouraged the use of IBT for them. Would be interesting if you do? try IBT for this condition. Please take some photographs of the spider veins before you alter your bed for comparison later.

Thanks for considering IBT
dunrommin (2 months ago) 0
When things happen for the first time
it is either a miracle or bull$
Theire cany be no evidence for a
first only opinion,people seem to have
stoped thinking and relying on
pre conceived ideas.
In 91 my wife was so ill in Hati the doc
had nothing.
3 days with my drivers grandmother
she? was O K
no explanation-voodoo
or medicinal plants
who knows
AndrewKFletcher (2 months ago) Good to see your open minded and great to know your wife's back to good health. That must have been really scary.

One time remarkable events can appear miraculous when lacking an understanding of what has taken place.
With IBT the results can often be predictable and results repeatable. So miraculous they are not. The ancient Egyptians slept on a five degree? head up angle. There are beds in museums that show this angle, yet no one has asked why these beds were designed to be tilted?
trudythomas777 (2 months ago)
What? about the feet? Should they be flat or raised too?

AndrewKFletcher (2 months ago) | Remove Hi Trudy

The whole bed slopes head? higher than feet, so feet must be lower than the rest of your body for this to work. I have great expectations for you with using IBT, but please be patient and if you experience unusual shooting / lectrical pains in the legs, moving around, wait to see what changes in the weeks that follow as this is usually a precurser for improvements on IBT.
zyby (2 months ago)
Andrew - two questions:

1/ Why not 5 or 7 degrees?
2/ If the principle? works with your head in the high position why should it work any differently the other way around?
AndrewKFletcher (2 months ago) Have used 5 and 7 degrees to help people with spinal cord injury. Trade off for going higher is comfort, slipping down the bed, and little if any extra benefits.

Using a lesser angle reduces the effects on circulation. I used a closed loop of water filled tube stretched along the bed with salt solution added at pillow end. Lower angles produced a dual direction flow in same side of tube. Higher angle produced flow and return or complete ciculation in the loop of tubing as in? the experiments
zyby (2 months ago) +1
1of2 Andrew, thank you. After your reply I am now interested in your experiment re human circulation ;-) How is the mineralisation/salination/dens ity differential? (or whatever it is) regulated? And how would having your head higher than your feet matter?
zyby (2 months ago)
2of2 Why it is necessary or beneficial to be angled vertically rather than horizontally? I see the top to bottom height? difference but (other than possible momentum) I can't see how the gravity driven system would gain much advantage?
AndrewKFletcher (2 months ago) When a body is vertical, all the joints are compressed, the muscles are tense, there is pressure on the bottom of the feet, which restricts the circulation, this is why guards on duty shift their weight from one foot to another to avoid feinting. The same feinting happens at weddings when the bride and groom stand motionless for too long. An inclined body has a completely different action on? the spine and joints, it decompresses them and the spine is elongated more by this action.
AndrewKFletcher (2 months ago)When a body is vertical, all the joints are compressed, the muscles are tense, there is pressure on the bottom of the feet, which restricts the circulation, this is why guards on duty shift their weight from one foot to another to avoid feinting. The same feinting happens at weddings when? the bride and groom stand motionless for too long.
An inclined body has a completely different action on the spine and joints, it decompresses them and the spine is elongated more by this action
AndrewKFletcher (2 months ago) We have all seen an elderly person stooped over and unable to straighten up. This was probably brought about by their horizontal sleeping posture. IBT? has a remarkable side effect on our height and appears to be reducing the height loss as we get older.
zyby (2 months ago)
p.s. of 2of2: Lying on our sides creates a height difference that should also gain an advantage from? gravity if the density of fluid in our blood vessels alters from above to below. I am wondering what process/organ might create the density difference? The skin seems an obvious organ and there might be a parallel mechanism comparable with leaves? Any of your thoughts / knowledge on this would be appreciated.
AndrewKFletcher (2 months ago) Indeed you are correct about sleeping on ones side, this is probably why some people are less affected by horizontal bed rest than others. The main density changes will take place in the lungs, sinuses and bronchial tubes, as these organs are very efficient at evaporative water loss. The lungs look very much like an upside down tree.
Evaporative loss from the skin, eyes and hair must also alter the density of the fluids. Any density change instantly migrates through? the circulation.
AndrewKFletcher (2 months ago) So we are not looking for a huge concentration of salts, prior to gravity moving them down the vessels more a steady trickle down effect.

In Gravity of life part1 if you look closely at? the glass vase, you can see that 1 grain of salt or sugar can trigger a flow and return. Added to the arterial blood from the lungs and respiratory tract, pulses of dilute salts and sugars are pulled down the main artery and into the kidneys where they are filtered out and introduced into the urine for disposal
zyby (2 months ago)
Andrew - I have now looked at the naked scientist site and already found some explanations written by you! Many thanks? - the world needs more people like you ;-)
AndrewKFletcher (2 months ago) Thank you? for the comment. There is much more to do before this theory can become mainstream, I do what I can with the little resources that are at hand, but progress is very slow due partly because of this coming from someone outside of the medical profession. However, recent developments with multiple sclerosis, and Professor Zambonis paper on chronic venous insufficiency may open some doors. Doctor Franz Schelling has been saying there is a problem with circulation in ms for many years.
AndrewKFletcher (2 months ago) Having the head higher than the feet means that gravity can pull on solutes and assist the circulation. The location of the kidneys and bladder being lower than the lungs enables more efficient removal? of spent salts. Experiments with head down bedrest on urine density revealed that the solutes were not migrating to the bladder, yet IBT produced a higher density than flat bedrest and normal daily activity.
upallnite77 (2 months ago) 0
What about sleeping the other way with the head lower then the feet? Like inversion therepy. I have a pinched nerve in my spine and I feel this might work better b/c it would decompress my spine. What are your thoughts? on this?
AndrewKFletcher (2 months ago) Not a good idea to sleep upside down. Diarrhoea, muscular atrophy, palpitations, heart atrophy, osteoporosis, neurological impairment and possibility of permanent damage. If I were you I would research on google using Head Down Tilt or Trendlenburg together with containdications. NASA are currently conducting a study on head down tilt offering youngsters huge payouts for taking part. Question is why?
IBT provides? the traction you are seeking without the adverse side effects of inversion.
themanyone (1 month ago) My bed broke a while? back due to an unfortunate parkour accident and I've been sleeping at this angle since then. I have to admit I am feeling better though. Reminds me of sleeping on a beach. If it ain't fixed, don't broke it, err... Hmmm.
AndrewKFletcher (1 month ago) Reminded me of sleeping on a beach when I first tried this many years ago. The first changes my wife and I noticed were an increased energy and endurance, particularly walking up hills carrying shopping that wou;d make our legs ache, except it no longer did. Ww would have to rest half way up the hill and found we no longer needed to.. We also found an improved resistance to flu and colds. But the most obvious changes were in? a varicose vein on Wifes leg that reverted to looking normal in 4 wks
naam123lol (1 month ago) whats so special about the bed????????

you have to sleap with your legs higher then the rest of your? body?
naam123lol (1 month ago) whats incline????

so you need? to sleep with your head higher then your legs?
AndrewKFletcher (1 month ago) Yes, that's the general idea, a five degree to the horizontal with the head raised about 15 cm's higher than the feet.?
naam123lol (1 month ago) is it healthy if you sleep like that and don't have problems with your legs or do you? sleep like that?
AndrewKFletcher (1 month ago) Yes we sleep this way, so do many of our friends.

It appears to be much healthier than sleeping flat with many other additional benefits, like boosing the immune system to combat viral and baterial infections. And if you do happen to get the flu, this will certainly speed up the recovery process by helping the body to combat? the bugs. So you don't have to be ill to find this useful. In fact the ancient Egyptians slept on beds elevated at the head end by 15 cms. Coincidence?
johnbresnik (5 hours ago)
This concept is new and therefore not accepted by most people because most people don't want to change anything. But, it works and it's a valid concept with proven results. It's going to take another 10-20 years for the general public to "get the message" -- true truth will win ... and so will Fletcher's therapy. It will take a testimonial from a very influential person to break through the resistance. But,? it will happen -- because it works..!

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