Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Multipls Sclerosis and Respiratory infection.

Respiratory infection would inhibit our ability to exhale fluids from the lungs into the surrounding atmosphere. Logical.

Antibiotics would remove the infection again common sense. But could having a reduced lung surface to air interface caused by a build up of mucus alter the way the nervous system operates? Well according to the density change theory this makes perfect sense, especially when the infection spreads or originates in the sinus cavities. and given that Inclined Therapy is advised by doctors for people with decreasing respiratory function, tilting the bed should make more sense to you than anyone else.

While most of the discussion has been dealing with the circulation in the veins and arteries, let us consider what is driving the cerebrospinal fluid for a moment. We know it is not the heart, we know also from the literature it is related to respiration and posture! So what is the driving force that causes the circulation in the nervous system?

If posture and respiration is important, ad it clearly is according to the literature, then why would sleeping flat assist circulation that depends both on respiration and posture?


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