Thursday, April 15, 2010

Questions for Dr Sclafani about Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency

Question for Dr Sclafani

Question regarding this dye that is used in the veins. Do you know if the molecular density or the chemicals and fluid used is identical to the blood density? Is it administered with saline solution?

I ask because it is entirely possible that the introduction of said fluids can affect the flow of blood in relation to posture should the density be either significantly higher or significantly lower than the blood in the veins where it is introduced.

I never did get any comments regarding this simple experiment showing how dissolved substances can change the pressures inside soft walled tubes?

One could presume that too much salt is added at the top of this experiment, designed to show how a downward flow assisted by gravity has a direct influence on the return flow pressures and causes the wall on the return flow (representing the venous return) to be clearly drawn in.
Before dismissing this out of hand, let us remember we are not dealing with tubes anywhere near as tough as this silicon tubing with it's 1mm wall. In fact the silicon tube more closely resembles the comparatively robust structures of the arteries.

With this taken into account, the veins in the body would require a comparatively minuscule amount of salt to induce the same narrowing shown on the video, when we alter our posture and make use of gravity acting on density changes in the blood from respiration.

Is it a coincidence that reflux is observed during exhalation?

Do we have any evidence that altering posture alters the shape of veins, not only temporarily but permanently providing we adhere to avoiding the horizontal posture?

The term Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency or CCSVI has been borrowed as you well know from Chronic venous insufficiency in the legs. Varicose veins provide visual evidence of said conditions, both internally and externally.

You say you are a simple plumber of the arteries and veins and I understand your modesty with this respect and your reasoning for this statement.

Physics affords us the simple video model, which incidentally works also in a closed loop suspended vertically. ( I will do another video to show this)

People have argued that this vertically suspended tube experiment is too simple and therefore the shown forces cannot apply to the "simple plumbing" in the body?

I question their logic. One cannot have a different set of forces applying to the body's plumbing, it is after all a network of vertically suspended tubes.

Another argues we have a pump attached to our circulation. But the question as to why this impressive pressure and velocity in the outward flowing arteries is dampened down in the venous return. I.E. The veins do not normally inflate along with the arteries yet Starling's law of the heart using the familiar vessel connected to the heart to show a greater returned flow (venous return flow) uses the same simple tubular principles with a huge difference. We do not need to raise the vessel in the body to alter the return flow. The body does not have such a luxury, yet is capable of performing the same improved venous return flow by altering the arterial density with every breath exhaled.
Providing we are correctly aligned with our posture either on an angle or vertical, we can make use of these subtle positive arterial pressure changes and improvements in blood flow, not only in the predominantly downward flowing main arteries.

Here we have introduced not only an improved density flow in the arteries but we have made use of the molecular drag that affects every single fluid molecule in the body by causing an additional momentum (improved circulation) in the veins, without Starling's experiment. Alter the density and we inevitably alter the circulation and this inevitably alters the shape of the veins.

What evidence do we have to show that veins can learn to become normal veins given sufficient relief time from the direct pressure changes applied to them where no gravity assistance is applied to the said density changes from exhaling (Horizontal bedrest) ?

As it happens we have some very good examples right here in this forum, provided by Alun as photographic evidence showing how avoiding sleeping flat over many months has assisted his veins to return to more normal looking veins without the need for surgical intervention.

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